For the second consecutive year, the CIRCUS-CIRCAM CIRCUS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL, which brings the to city's urban center, during the first weekend of September, some of the most prestigious companies in the world.

After the success achieved last year with a first edition of great quality, this event with the performing arts is consolidated in the calendar of events of Camargo and ratifies it as a reference in cultural matters by betting on an initiative that goes beyond its Limits and seeks international transcendence.

As detailed in the program, during the three days of the CIRCAM Festival, which are free, you can enjoy companies from different backgrounds that will provide shows that cover different languages ​​and combine varied genres with which to surprise the public.

In addition, there will be a circus workshop open to the participation of the whole family and without age limit and there will be two parallel activities that will expose the public the social character of some of the proposals or the artists that comprise them

" In any corner, plaza or avenue already surrendered to dreams, hundreds of captive glances laugh the comic's latest surprise and are alarmed by the acrobat's audacity or the skill of the juggler. Absent from the environment for what happens there, without pretending, have begun a journey towards humor and surprises.

Since the end of the last edition of CIRCAM have looked for these looks in Festivals of Spain, France and England: there is a long way looking for the best of each of them, after this edition presented here. They have selected the best shows also watching the public.

So, let's take this second edition of the International Circus Festival of Camargo, CIRCAM, with artists from Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Ethiopia; With proposals that include classic and avant-garde techniques in surprising shows that will undoubtedly unleash laughter and emotions.

It will be a pleasure to make this trip together"

Marta López Mazorra. Director of CIRCAM


CIRCAM, Circo and Camargo, takes care of all its details. The logo represents the circus and contains the colors of the flag of Camargo, as well as the figure of one of the statues of the Plaza de la Constitución, one of the most emblematic and popular of Maliaño, which is found together with another, located in The Plaza de la Constitución, framing a grand stage. In this way, they become an artistic symbol in the open air. It has also been wanted to wink at the eight villages that form Camargo represented in the juggling games that with a few small balls of colors the statue performs


The Festival will have an office in the building of the House of Culture of Cros Park, visible and open to the public in the morning, from August 16 and until the end of the Festival in September. It will be an information point, both for the public and for the participants in the event from the moment of their arrival in Camargo.

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