The II FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CIRCO DE CAMARGO - CIRCAM, will be held the first weekend of September, from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 and will turn the municipality into a place of reference because of the shows that will be offered in the streets and squares of the helmet Urban, all of them free.

Once again, this festival, organized by the Camargo City Council and coordinated and directed by ARTE EN ESCENA, will turn the Camargo urban center into a great stage in which all citizens will be able to share a unique experience because of the performing arts of diverse genre as circus, dance, music, gesture comedy ... that will make that these habitual urban spaces can be enjoyed in a playful and creative way.

The large number of stage proposals will include companies from Ethiopia, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and from the latter group, companies from Catalonia, Andalusia, Madrid and Cantabria, which will bring to Camargo shows that will astonish children and elderly in their streets and squares.

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