One more year, CIRCAM's programming has a varied and balanced artistic proposal. The companies participating in this second edition of the Festival stand out for their great quality and for proposing shows that provoke in the public amazement, laughter, anticipation, ... emotion.

Camargo continues its commitment to be a cultural reference and place in the international scene in the representation of the performing arts and more specifically street circuses; Maintain the criterion of maximum quality in the artistic proposals and the geographical diversity of the same that help in their national and international repercussion.

The streets and squares of Camargo will once again be the scene of stories and representations of the most varied, a parade of imaginative exhibitions, amazing characters and spectacular numbers that will make these functions forever in the memory of the viewer.

We present below the list of companies:

Andalucía, Spain

Capitán Maravilla Productions is David Morales, who began his career when he created the show "Mambo Brother" in 1998 with Nacho de Mata, with which he participated in numerous festivals in Europe and Asia (Izumiotsu Tournament Winners, Japan)

el asombroso dave wonderthing
When we talk about magic, it is always easy to think of proper names like Harry Houdini, David Coppefield or Criss Angel. If these magicians like you and transport you to a space where the illusion and fantasy take on a new meaning, maybe you can also give a vote of confidence to the new show of the amazing Dave Wonderting, an artist that, at least, will not leave you equal ... although we can not guarantee that it improves your previous status.

Capitán Maravilla Productions is pleased to present a show where we will enter the world of magic, escapism and other feats of the hand of Dave Wonderthing, a peculiar artist of the impossible, that will make suspense, danger, bewilderment and Humor your main weapons to entertain and entertain your audience.

Wonderthing is an unipersonal show of small format and suitable for all audiences, where magic, escapism and juggling are combined with humor.


Cataluña, Spain

Ytuquepintas is a young company established in Mataró (Barcelona) that has been active since 2012.

Fundada por el artista multidisciplinar Borja González, con el compositor y pianista Roc Sala y con Joaquim Aragó a la producción.

Sand art is the elemental basis of the shows developed by the Ytuquepintas Company; Drawings made on a handmade light table that are projected live on a large screen. These images are accompanied by live music, large format puppets and fast painting, narrating beautiful and poetic stories.

Awards: FETÉN 2015 Award for originality, precision and musicality.

Sueños de Arena
We are accustomed to seeing art as a thing that endures in time, as a work that is still present after the death of the artist. But art can also be ephemeral, it can be art for an instant, without the need to become enduring.

In "Sand Dreams", only with his hands and sand on a glass, Borja González narrates the passage of two people in the course of their lives, from the dreams that are created in childhood, the experiences that appear To maturity, to the real and retrospective vision that the Experience. Drawing after drawing, Borja transports the viewer to moments full of emotions, to travel to different places of the world and to make a poetic reflection of their own feelings, experiences and memories.

Accompany the show with the original music by Roc Sala (pianist).


Cantabria, Spain

After a long journey Café de las Artes Theater puts its suitcases in an old electrical store located in the neighborhood of the Fishing Quarter of the city of Santander, opening as a stage space in June 2009. A unique space in permanent transformation, in which Everything is mobile, that was selected in the project 'Sceneries of New Generation' by INAEM (National Institute of the Performing Arts and Music).

Desiring to be a place of research and experimentation in search of new languages, it develops its activity in three fundamental axes: Programming, Training and Creation. Headed by Alicia Trueba, formed in Paris with Marcel Marceau among other greats of the scene, has a team of multidisciplinary artists that mixes the theater, circus, dance, music, magic ... and bets often on the Collective creation, always with the same concern of artistic adventure and eclectic affinities.

A fun musical parade bursts into the room played by the legendary Musculinni Family, who from generation to generation has transmitted the history of the Circus and its wisdom ... They will show us how our circus design is inspired by the ancient Egyptian games, Greeks and Romans, as well as jugglers and troubadours of the Middle Ages.

From the first performance of a modern circus in London in 1768, through the golden years of the Circus, the decline and its rebirth in the 70's with the appearance of the New Circus. Through this trip with the Musculinni Family children will enjoy learning much more about this ancient art and the disciplines that were appearing throughout history. Come and see the Art of the Track!


Cataluña, Spain

'Entredos' is a new creation that emerges from the meeting between Oscar Valsecchi (specialist in gestural theater and mime), Rebeca and Yolanda Gutiérrez (specialized in aerial techniques), and Sira Bover (specialized in aerial techniques). 'Entredos' is a show that fuses gestural theater, circus, dance and object manipulation in order to tell the story of a tormented person who awakens in a fantastic world.

'Entredos' is a visual show, fresh and innovative and at the same time with a certain aesthetic content, which brings the viewer closer to the reality of the world of dreams and the imaginary.

Prizes: Winner of the Audience Award for the Best Theater Show at the International Theater and Dance Fair of Huesca (2013). Nomination for the best staging of the Zirkolika Awards of Cataluña 2013 and 2014.

Move Award quality label (more quality visual theater for Europe)

The alarm clock rings, I get out of bed and eat a cup of coffee every day. Suddenly, in my hand, instead of a cup appears a shoe. With the shoe in my hand I look for an answer and find a woman ... Am I dreaming or am I awake? If this is a dream, please do not wake me up. What happens when the characters of a dream dream and meet? What is imaginary and what is real? 'Entredos' takes you into a magical and absurd world, poetic and comic, where you will not know if you are awake or dreaming.


Andalucía, Spain

The creation of the company takes place in 2011 during the training process at the School of Circus and Theater CAU of Granada, where Paco, Angelo and Claudia meet and begin to train together as an acrobatic trio. This trio is joined by Luis Ayuso, as a clown and technician, and it will be when he begins to gestate what will be his first show, 'Here is one', which opens in February 2013. In 2014 know a new technique, The scale, with which they begin to train in a self-taught way and traveling to Belgium to train with good teachers. The scale, along with the clocks and the clown will continue to be their engine in the scene, and this is how the germ of his second show, 'Oopart'.

Prizes: Show recommended by the National Network of Theaters and Auditoriums. FETEN Award Best Original Music - Iván Monje. Andalusian Circus Awards, Best Street Circus Show, Best Stage Set, Best Costume, Best Lighting.

The crowd waits expectantly to see the surprise that will bring them the mechanical-temporal contraption before their eyes. Nothing is what it seems in this adventure through time.

A peculiar crew that has just arrived from a journey through time, lands before our eyes and presents us with the great opportunity to travel in time, yes, for a small fee. For this they will show their best claims and their amazing circus numbers. But today is not a day in your routine as street vendors.

Manipulating time sometimes has its consequences


Madrid, Spain

Reflection on the everyday from the perspective of the clown. The character lives the experience of being trapped on stage. When he enters the scene does not know where he is getting.

It is a deceived person who enters there because they have told him that this is the way and suddenly, he is in front of an audience that looks at him and seems to demand something. He does not come to act, but is forced to do so.

The terror caused by the eyes of this public leads him to want to escape, to seek a way out. There is only one, but there is "someone invisible" that prevents him from escaping and forces him to stay on stage, facing those eyes that do not deviate from him.

He is alone with the danger and his only companions of crossing will be, from now on, a series of everyday objects with which tries to leave the step: a guitar, a chair, a jacket, a newspaper and a staircase.

With them as a shield, they play and improvise, suffer and have fun. Objects are transformed into his hands into great friends or terrible enemies, because he has forgotten, or perhaps has never known, its use.

As a child, faces for the first time objects, for us everyday, and for him absolutely mysterious and surprising. Climbing a ladder or putting on a jacket are almost impossible tasks for him.

Again we are faced with a metaphor in which the clown is each of us and his game is nothing but our life, we are forced to exist and forced to act, we do not know where we have gotten and we must move on.

* At the end of the show, talk about the NGO Clowns Without Borders.



Fekat Circus means "flourishing circus". It all started in 2004 when Dereje Dagne, a young man who grew up in the streets of Addis Ababa, formed a circus along with other street children. Realizing how this changed their lives in a positive way, wanted to share with other children that experience.

Since then, they have never stopped looking for how to become role models. They train young people living in disadvantaged areas of Addis Ababa, trying to keep them away from the risks of a dangerous lifestyle and urban poverty.

The rise of the moon
Show with all the force and the overflowing passion of Africa.

The components of Fekat Circus, their craftsmanship, their strength and refined technique, all of them make us enjoy a shocking and different show.

The power and luminosity of acrobatics and other circus numbers give deep and penetrating music color.


Cataluña, Spain

Taller de circo La Berta 806/5000
This tent is very unique ... 'La Berta' is a real circus factory!

Unlike other circuses, this does not take the artists incorporated, but it looks for where it happens to all those who want to become for a day the protagonists of this show. No matter how old you are: test your skills at La Berta!

How does it work?

We understand the circus workshop as the recreation of a play space for parents and children, designed to play together and not as a "daycare" activity. Therefore, this facility does not have monitors that teach the skills, but its managers will be present to ensure the good use of the material, encouraging adults to enter the tent and participate in the proposed activities.


Cataluña, Spain

Tandarica Circus
For many years this troupe of artists has traveled the world offering its circus show with a classic aftertaste, zingaro and full of surprise elements.

To do this they move with their car that becomes the scene of their follies in each town in which they stop.

They know that the public expects a lot of them and they go out to give everything with their circus show, which is what they really know how to do. Or so they say ... They call it "retro-balkan-rock'n'roll circus" but, speaking in silver, there are only four clowns crazy as a cowbell and capable of anything to satisfy their audience, from shooting a cannon in the stomach, Improvise aerial routines or play with a knife thrower with severe myopia. They are artists of those who play their own life ... and if it is not yours, make it from someone in the audience! You can not miss your next show: every show may be the last!

Address: Jango Edwards & Malasombra Brothers


Reino Unido

Men in coats es la compañía cómica de Michael Dow, unos hombres con abrigos, chándal y zapatillas que se han convertido en los maestros del entretenimiento no verbal no solo en el Reino Unido, sino en medio mundo.

Desde que su espectáculo fuese un éxito en el Festival Fringe de Edimburgo en 1999 y ganasen en Londres el Hackney Empire’s New Act of the Year, ha girado por infinidad de países y por los festivales más grandes y prestigiosos del mundo: desde Alemania, Francia, Austria, Tailandia, Italia, Suiza, Bélgica, Holanda, Dinamarca, Suecia, hasta Grecia, Malta, Turquía, Portugal, Bahamas, Sudáfrica, Mónaco, Japón, Rusia, Brasil, Marruecos.

Premios: Los Men in coats han sido galardonados y aplaudidos en el Festival de Comedia de Melbourne (Australia), en el Festival de Artes de Comedia en Moers (Alemania) y han sido invitados a la Royal Variety Show de la BBC y diversas cadenas televisivas. Hackney Empire’s New Act of the Year.

Men in coats
A visual comedy as fun as smart! A mixture of buffoonery and visual illusionism that has won the public all over the world.

They are able to redefine expectations of what can be achieved on a stage with a visual, original and very entertaining mood combined with magic tricks.

Gags full of inventiveness, overwhelming dexterity, emotion, simplicity and surprise, and perhaps one of the happiest hours that one can spend laughing ...a



Formed by artists Mariano Guz and Egle Sciarappa have presented their creations in more than 15 countries such as Italy, France, Japan, Argentina, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, China, Austria, Holland, Portugal, Chile, Belgium, Slovenia, etc ...

El soplido magico
Magic can be everywhere, even in people who least expect it to be. Ephymic and delicate as a soap bubble.

Between encounters and disagreements, two charming characters will introduce the public in the magic world of various vases, smoke bombs, giant, tiny, flying, luminous bubbles with comic magic effects; All within a surprising and poetic history.

A show without words, whose only language is the body. It will be like living a dream in which the bubbles dance and rain from the sky.

Designed to hallucinate the little ones, entertain the parents and make the grandparents happy ... Designed for the whole family!


Andalucía, Spain

"LUDO circus show" is the staging of the spirit of the game through the circus. It is an atmosphere, a playful state. When seven characters appear on stage willing to play, there are winners and losers, voluntary and involuntary punches, tuning and disenchantment, fun, teamwork and individualism.

Recognizable games intermingled with circus techniques such as scales, balances, acrobatics or juggling. Is the circus itself a game?

A look at recognizable situations with which we will travel to our own experiences.

At some point, somewhere, we've all played. Or maybe we have not stopped ...

Prizes: Show recommended by the National Network of Theaters and Auditoriums. PACA Awards of Andalus 2016 circus: Best room show, best direction, best original music. LORCA Awards of the Andalusian Theater: Best circus show.


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