Companies 2016

This artistic initiative will have regional, national and international companies of rare presence (most of them) in the usual programming, which will show different performing arts such as circus, dance, mime, drama, music, gestural comedy, etc.

It will be a weekend in which Camargo will offer shows awarded at international competitions, at first International Circus Festival in which representations cover a wide range of artistic specialties and different locations, taking advantage of the fact that the city center has suitable spaces for this purpose and is an excellent opportunity to enjoy all these first level companies.

See below the list of companies:


Leandre Ribera, clown and director, is a founding member of the theater company 'La Tal' with which has created numerous shows represented in Spain and in several European festivals. In 1993 he specialized in clowning and street theater, developing her character 'Leandre' and acting with his show 'Street-tease' at festivals in Spain and Europe. Among his performances stand out 'Fragile' and 'Madame et Monsieur "(with Claire Ducreux), ' Démodés' and his one-man 'Chez Leandre' 'Street-tease', 'Stampede' or 'Rien a Dire'. The latter has been Circus Award Ciutat de Barcelona 2014 and Circo de Catalunya Award for Best Scenario 2014.



The company 'Elegants' was formed in 2011 and is characterized by fabulous shows with unusual scenery, a careful staging and a sequence of numbers of high level where different circus techniques alternate as the trapeze, balancing, Chinese pole , unicycle and juggling with comedy as driver language. They have participated in more than twenty international festivals and his show has received the Jury Prize for Best Show at the Grin Festival 2013 Tenerife, Audience Award at the Festival Theatre Buitengewoon 2012 in the Netherlands, and is recommended by the National Network Theatres, Auditoriums, Circuits and Festivals.



French "Troupe" which since 1994 operates in major festivals, fairs and international events. Currently it has more than 2,000 performances with six creations for street shows in 40 different countries, and in particular its burlesque show man-puppet.



The British company 'Bowjangles' is a classical string quartet: violin, viola and cello, together to create a unique musical show that has been running continuously for over 10 years worldwide. His extensive resume, highlight their performances on the cruise 'Queen Elizabeth 2', musicals in London's West End as 'The Lion King on stage with big name stars as' Gorillaz ',' Tom Baxter' or 'The Cinematic Orchestra' among the most popular groups in London's Covent Garden for thousands of tourists as well as their participation in festivals such as Edinburgh, Glastonbury and Henley, besides the' Holders Seasons' and 'Jazz on the Hill' in Barbados, various festivals in Europe, Scandinavia and Dubai, etc.



Lurrak is a project that basically aims to create a circus theater and Basque music with local topics and universal projection. It born in a first meeting between Pedro Ormazabal by the 'Bilboko Kalealdia' of Bilbao, Fernando Marin for the 'Kaldearte of Vitoria-Gasteiz' and Mertxe and Isabel Lorente of 'Air Air' on 12 November 2013 and, after three long residences, the company premiered its show on June 10, 2016 where he received an impressive ovation from the audience and rave reviews. The company works with well-defined and recognizable by the public, which communicate through music and circus, universal emotions that reach all public figures.


Tombs Creatius

'TOMBS CREATIUS' present Mr. Tonet, a fascinating character who has been traveling with the company for years and that will show on his Fair Trivia bits of these trips. It is a unique space where the viewer can play, run and discover the wonders that hide the curious artifacts shown.



The artist 'Ortzi Acosta' uses the universal language of emotions to seek public awareness through stories told through body language, acrobatics, comedy, drama and music.Also tinted by the magical glow of illusion as an engine of all artistic and vital process.



Company located in Torrelavega, this year will represent our region in the festival, in a clear commitment to cultural enterprises of Cantabria. Since its inception in 1995, it is characterized by investigate in its shows the infinite possibilities of performing these disciplines. Its members, with extensive training in circus, theater, visual arts, music and teaching, were formed in leading European and South American Schools.



Contemporary circus company gestated in the National Circus School in Rio de Janeiro, link where its members met and formed. Each of its members has worked on different projects and shows, so this rich combination allows them to deliver powerful, elegant and with much humor shows through lush scenery where they offer juggling, unicycles, trampolines with impossible balances, and dizzying acrobatics reflecting the itinerant lifestyle circus as the challenges of gravity, team accomplishments and a special way of looking.


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